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Embouchures.com - Providing Information about the Performance Injuries and Embouchure Dilemmas of Brass Players

Hello and welcome to Embouchures.com. Have you surfed by only out of curiosity, or...

Are you a brass player who has encountered a painful, debilitating embouchure problem? Perhaps you have been experiencing daily lip swelling and/or lip pain and lost your endurance and high range too, or your lips feel weak, rubbery, tingly, or numb when you play? Do you have strange sensations in your lips and face which were never there before that now make playing a struggle? Has this problem been plaguing you for weeks, months, years?

If you have just experienced a sudden, acute onset of an embouchure problem, we have information for you and a few tips on how to deal with your embouchure emergency.

If your debilitating, painful embouchure dilemma has been going on for more than two weeks, you will find information about the cause of and solution of overuse injuries and chronic embouchure problems.

Perhaps you are a student or amateur player just looking around the Internet for advice on how to increase your range and endurance safely or seeking a few tips on audition taking.

Whatever your reason for dropping by, welcome to our informational web site.

Embouchures.com is the only place you can purchase BROKEN EMBOUCHUES, EMBOUCHURE REHABILITATION, the BUZZ PIPE BOOK, the HEALTHY EMBOUCHURE GUIDE for COMEBACK and AMATEUR BRASS PLAYERS, and The 10 1/2 UNCELEBRATED ETUDES for HORN and UNACCOMPANIMENT by Lucinda Lewis. You will find them in our Bookstore along with a special offer for those who have purchased previous editions.

BROKEN EMBOUCHURES is a comprehensive guide to understanding embouchure problems. It contains information about the most common physical and playing symptoms, such as blue and white spots, divots, and bumps. Broken Embouchures offer advice as to when not to change an embouchure; provides a medical and dental section; offers a little food for thought for those who are concerned about mouthpiece pressure; a section on tears and stretches of the lip muscle, and caveats about lip surgery.

The newly revised 2024 edition of BROKEN EMBOUCHURES, A Handbook for Understanding Embouchure Dysfunction is now available in the Bookstore.

The 2024 edition of EMBOUCHURE REHABILITATION contains extensive information about how and why overuse so often evolves into overuse syndrome; why it is so difficult to overcome an embouchure dilemma; and advice on how to restore one's playing once and for all. 

For those who have purchased previous editions of either BROKEN EMBOUCHURES or EMBOUCHURE REHABILITATION, there is a special discounted price available to you for the new editions. You can read excerpts from the new edition online, or you are welcome to send me an email if you would like to receive the complete first five chapters of EMBOUCHURE REHABILTATION 2024. (If you don't hear back from me in 24 hours, please contact me again from a different email address.)

If you are just looking for a good way to get into playing shape quickly and safely or to stay in shape while on vacation, the BUZZ PIPE BOOK is for you.

THE HEALTHY EMBOUCHURE GUIDE for COMEBACK and AMATEUR BRASS PLAYERS contains tips for how to return to playing safely, practice, improve range, and prepare to perform. The GUIDE also provides blocked buzzing and buzzing exercises to help you get in shape and stay in shape.

For Horn Players ONLY: The 101/2 UNCELEBRATED ETUDES for HORN and UNACCOMPANIMENT should test your horn-player mettle.  Woven together into a maniacal, humorous rendition of first horn parts, The 10 1/2 Uncelebrated Etudes will give you an amusing but challenging workout while frustrating you with a constant onslaught of musical twists and turns. You will find them in the Bookstore.

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Embouchures.com also features Stephanie Tretick's handmade French horn Mute Nooses and a selection of buzz pipes custom made by Chuck McAlexander at the Brass Lab. Click here to go to our Products page.


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