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Would you like to email me a video file of your playing for feedback?

Many players travel to New York City to see me in the hope that I can help them solve their painful embouchure dilemmas.  However, as we all know, travel is very expensive these days, and not everybody can just take a day or two off to travel anyway.

If you would like to consult me about your embouchure problem, but traveling to New York City is out of the question, you can email me a short video of yourself playing   I will review your video and email my observations to you. 

There is no fee for consultations.  All you need to do in your video is 10-15 seconds of blocked buzzing, followed by a slow, tongued, one-octave mid range scale up and down played on your instrument.



Buzz Pipes, Mute Nooses, and More

Embouchures.com also features Stephanie Tretick's handmade French horn Mute Nooses and an array of buzz pipes, sound enhancing weighted valve caps, valve cap spacers, and mouthpiece donuts which are custom made by Chuck McAlexander at the Brass Lab. Click here to go to our Products page.

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Do you have a question about an embouchure problem you've been dealing with? Please click here to contact me.