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broken embouchures

Broken Embouchures, Revised, 2020
Broken Embouchures contains comprehensive information on the causes and effects on brass playing of embouchure overuse syndrome, including lip injuries, lip swelling, and other things that make playing a Challenge.   Click on the book cover to read excerpts from Broken Embouchures. $30.00

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embouchure rehabilitation

Embouchure Rehabilitation, Revised, 2020


Embouchure Rehabilitation is a comprehensive guide for overcoming embouchure calamities and the severe playing disabilities associated with embouchure overuse or injury.  Click on the book cover to read excerpts from Embouchure Rehabilitation$30.00

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broken embouchuresembouchure rehabilitation

Purchase Broken Embouchures and Embouchure Rehabilitation together at a special discounted price.


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buzz pipe book

The Buzz Pipe Book contains buzzing and blowing exercises to help you get in shape and stay in shape safely. $8.00


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