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Embouchures.com - Providing Information about the Performance Injuries and Embouchure Dilemmas of Brass Players


Within the brass community, discussions about embouchure function tend to be, more often than not, steeped in stylistic dogma. It is, therefore, not surprising that ignorance has been the prevailing understanding about brass performance overuse injuries.

Sadly, in some circles, these injuries are even dismissed as a weakness in the afflicted player rather than the bona fide byproduct of too much playing.

Embouchures.com was first posted in 2000 to provide comprehensive information about the debilitating performance injuries of brass players. Since then, tens of thousands of players, teachers, and medical professionals have browsed the site.

The information compiled on Embouchures.com has been developed from twenty-five years of research and from the documented experiences of more than six thousand woodwind and brass players world wide.


Lucinda Lewis, author of Broken Embouchures, Embouchure Rehabilitation, and the Buzz Pipe Book, as well as numerous articles on embouchure, has been the principal horn of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra since 1977. She has participates as a member of the faculty in the Performing Arts Medical Association annual symposium in Aspen, Colorado and given numerous presentations on embouchure health and performance injuries.

Lucinda Lewis